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  • Do you feel like your world is caving in around you?
  • Do you find yourself currently in life-crisis mode?
  • Has your life journey taken you to an unplanned destination?
  • If so, you are not alone. There are only three types of people in the world today: those in a personal life-crisis storm, those who have just been through one and those who are about to experience a life-crisis storm.





    STORMS provides simple step-by-step instructions for preparing for, navigating through and being successful in the aftermath of your personal life-crisis storm.



    The Lamb

       A powerful three message series by Pastor G.R. Collier 

       portraying Jesus Christ, The Perfect Lamb of God.

    1. The Lamb Promised

    2. The Lamb Provided

    3. The Lamb Presented



    Messages from Psalms

       Six inspirational messages from the book of Psalms by Pastor E. Daphne Roberts.

       Messages of hope, praise and thanksgiving.



    Just a Storyteller 

       Deacon Mike Lewis is an anointed storyteller, singer and captivating speaker. He weaves the

       thread of his life experience stories into Bible messages of hope, restoration and love. Through

       humor, hilarity and a bit of seriousness, his messages always leave the listener inspired and blessed.

    Psalm 23 - The Lord Is My Shepherd

    Psalm 63 - Following Hard

    Psalm 91 - Daddy's House

    Psalm 119 - Hide the Word

    Psalm 150 - You Ought'a Be Prasin'

    Psalm 107 - Give Thanks (Testimonies)

    Contrite or Concrete

    Personal Testimony

    That "Luv" (Inflatulust)

    Stinkin' Thinkin'

    Thank God for Kids

    Those Trashy People (message of redemption)